Leadership Zone


Pegasus Cheer Athletics recognizes the impact that youth can have on our communities and as such is invested in the growth and development of youth that is involved in our programs!

The Leadership Zone, also known as our Coach In Training (CIT) Program, is a 12-month program that is built to channel youth energy in a positive way but also prepares the next generation of leadership in the workforce and in our communities.

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Who Can Apply to The Leadership Zone?

Any current athlete registered in classes or on a team that is 12 years old or older may apply for the program.

What Are the Responsibilities?

As a member of The Leadership Zone, your job is to assist the coach(es) in successfully running practices, events, birthday parties, and camps. This may include practice planning, taking the lead of stretch, drills, and/or conditioning, and running activities. We also want to be promoting a positive environment that encourages cooperation, teamwork, and friendship among the team.


You are required to attend all practices and competitions for the team or classes as assigned. Participants will also have the opportunity to sign up for birthday parties, one-time events, and day camp shifts for additional training opportunities.


Attendance at biweekly team meetings via Zoom (held on Sundays) is required.

What is the application process?

Complete the form below to apply to The Leadership Zone. Applicants will be notified by The Leadership Zone Lead within 2 weeks about their application.


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